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According to the Lord himself, “asking” is the center point of prayer. He wants us to bring our fruit-bearing requests to him boldly and with expectation for the blessing of his answer.

He wants to hear our Fearless Prayer!

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Never Unanswered

Christian author and pastor Theodore L. Cuyler wrote that, “I do not believe there is such a thing in the history of God’s eternal kingdom as a right prayer, offered in the right spirit, that remains forever unanswered.”

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The Greatest Tragedy

Christian writer and thinker F.B. Meyer wrote, “The greatest tragedy in life in not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.”

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Glorify God

William Lane Craig wrote, “This should be our motive in prayer: to request things of God, not that our selfish desires might be satisfied but that his name might be glorified.”

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Endorsements for Fearless Prayer

Insightful, inspiring, invaluable—here's a captivating book on prayer that goes far beyond mere platitudes. My friend Craig Hazen takes a unique approach that will stimulate your mind as it stirs your heart. Read on -- and be prepared to grow!

Lee Strobel
best-selling author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Miracles

What makes this book stand out from all the other books on prayer is Hazen’s skillful grounding of prayer is a brief but powerful defense of a Christian worldview and his destruction of naturalism that all of us in the West have absorbed from our culture. This is now the go-to book on petitionary prayer.

J.P. Moreland, Ph.D.
, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology and author of <em>Love Your God With All Your Mind</em>

This book is powerful—even as a lifelong Christian, it completely transformed my thinking on the nature of petitionary prayer. Fearless Prayer will mercifully deliver you from your uncertainties and seat you at the inviting feet of your Father—who, as Hazen artfully shows, is waiting to bless His children with every good gift for bearing fruit in His kingdom.

Natasha Crain
National speaker and author of Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side

Fearless Prayer is a wake up call for Christians today. With stories, examples, and biblical support Hazen makes the case that we have wildly underestimated the power of prayer. Reading this book personally challenged me to pray more fervently and with greater faith. I hope you will pick up a copy of this book and take the challenge too.

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Biola University Professor

Fearless Prayer


Theologians have trouble finding words to describe passages like John 15:7 and similar verses such as John 14:12 and Matthew7:7-8. Klaus Issler who has written thoughtfully on these provocative sections of Scripture noticed that, “In response to this promise, evangelical commentators use words such as staggering, breathtaking, startling, astonishing. J.I. Packer remarked that, “In his farewell discourse to the apostles Jesus spoke more than once of making requests to the Father in his name—with astounding promises attached” and, “Amazing! But that is what Jesus says, and all his words are true.” The famous prayer servant George Müller put it this way, “Our difficulty seems to be this: the promise is so ‘exceeding great’ that we cannot conceive God really to mean what he clearly appears to have revealed. The blessing seems too vast for our comprehension; we stagger at the promises.”

The very next verse, John 15:8, is a wonderfully affirming statement from Jesus about the abiding and asking he just encouraged us to do…

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