World Religions & Cults 101: A Guide to Spiritual Beliefs


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Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz

Paperback, 272 pages.

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Why are there so many religions? Do they basically teach the same thing? Bruce and Stan address these questions and more as they take a close look at some of the world’s major religions and belief systems. From Islam to Jehovah’s Witnesses and from New Age Spirituality to Atheism, Darwinism, and Naturalism, World Religions and Cults 101 features—

  • key teachings of each religion
  • quick-glance belief charts
  • brief biographies of leaders
  • study questions for group or individual use
  • suggested reading

Readers will also discover why spiritual searching is universal, how each religion compares to Christianity, the characteristics of cults, and what makes Christianity unique.

Formerly titled Bruce & Stan’s® Guide to Cults, Religions, and Spiritual Beliefs

Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz

Paperback, 272 pages.

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